Elden Ring Quest Tracker

Iron Fist Alexander

Alexander has set out to become a mighty warrior.. he might need some help getting there.


Failure conditions



Find Alexander in Northern Stormhill and help him out.

Note: You will have to hit him from the back in order to free him from his predicament.

Zone: Limgrave

Find Alexander in Gael Tunnel.

Zone: Caelid

Talk to Alexander at Redmane Castle.

Zone: Caelid

Talk to Alexander at Radahn's grace after defeating Radahn and exhaust all of his dialog.

Zone: Caelid

Find Alexander south of the Carian Study Hall and help him out.


Note: Throw an Oil Pot or Roped Oil Pot at him to make him "slippery".

Zone: Liurnia of the Lakes

Find Alexander bathing in the lava at Seethewater Terminus under the lavafall.

Zone: Mount Gelmir

Summon Alexander to help you kill the Fire Giant at Mountaintop of the Giants.


Zone: Mountaintop of the Giants

Fight and defeat Alexander at his request in Crumbling Farum Azula.

Zone: Crumbling Farum Azula