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Blackguard Big Boggart

Boggart sells the best boiled prawn in the Lands Between!


Failure conditions



Talk to Rya in a pavilion north of the Laskyar Ruins, exhaust her dialog and promise to retrieve her necklace from the thief.

Zone: Liurnia of the Lakes

Buy Rya's necklace from Boggart at the Boilprawn Shack.

Zone: Liurnia of the Lakes

Buy Boiled Prawns from Boggart to befriend him.

Zone: Liurnia of the Lakes

Find Boggart in the Leyndell moat and exhaust his dialog until he mentions that the Dung Eater is lurking nearby.

Note: This step is only possible if the Dung Eater's questline is at the point where he will be 'waiting in the the outer moat'.

Zone: Leyndell, Royal Capital

Reload the area and interact with the now wounded Boggart.

Note: This interaction will trigger an invasion by the Dung Eater.

Zone: Leyndell, Royal Capital

Find a Seedbed Curse on Boggart's body together with his belongings.

Zone: Leyndell, Royal Capital