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Boc the Seamster

Just a Demi-Human looking for some love..




Free Boc from his tree form.

Note: He can be found south of the Agheel Lake North grace and will yell out if you are close.

Zone: Limgrave

Talk to Boc at the Coastal Cave.

Zone: Limgrave

Defeat the boss of the Coastal Cave and return to Boc to give him his sewing tools.

Zone: Limgrave

Collect the Gold Sewing Needle from the Church of Vows.

Zone: Liurnia of the Lakes

Purchase any of the alterable boss armors from Enia.

Zone: Roundtable Hold

Visit Boc at any of the sites of grace mentioned in the notes of this step and give him the Gold Sewing Needle.

Note: Boc can be found at any of these sites of grace:

  • Lake Facing Cliffs
  • East Raya Lucaria Gate
  • Altus Highway Junction
  • East Capital Rampart

You have now unlocked the ability to alter legendary garments.

Zone: Multiple locations possible

Talk to Boc and he will express his wish to be reborn.

Zone: Multiple locations possible

Finish the quest by either giving him a Larval Tear or using the "You're Beautiful" Prattling Pate in front of him.

Note: This is not an either or choice. Once one choice is picked you are locked out of the other. The Larval Tear option will result in Boc's death, so if you wish to use his services going forward that path is not recommended.

Zone: Multiple locations possible