Elden Ring Quest Tracker

D, Hunter of the Dead

A tale of two souls and ones penchant for Weeding Deathroot.


Failure conditions



Find D to the west of Summonwater Village to the side of the path.


Note: If you defeat Godrick or the Red Wolf of Radagon before talking to D in Limgrave, he can be found at Roundtable Hold.

Zone: Limgrave

Defeat the Tibia Mariner in Summonwater Village and exhaust D's dialogue at either the Roundtable Hold or the entrace to Summonwater Village.

Zone: Limgrave

Visit Gurranq at the Bestial Sanctum in Caelid.

Zone: Caelid

After speaking to Gurranq you will be able to buy incantations from D.


Zone: Roundtable Hold

Follow Rogier and Fia's quests or kill D at the first step to acquire his armor.


Zone: The Lands Between

Find D's brother in Nokron and give him D's armor.


Note: The outcome of this step depends on whether the armor was obtained by killing D or via Rogier and Fia's quests.

Zone: Nokron, Eternal City